Real time Ag, LLC has developed software programs that are online internet based programs. These programs were developed to assist producers with their nutrient application record keeping and recording.

The goal of the system is to be a simple, quick way for a Technical Service Provider, Agronomist, or environmental consultant and the producer to track all nutrient activity that occurs on their  land and production areas. Since it is Internet based anyone with the proper credentials can securely access the system from any Internet connected computer through a web browser. So for example a spreading contractor can enter spreading information related to a nutrient application (spreading) event and as soon as they are done the other users can see the information. Then they are able to create reports that meet the record keeping requirements of the US EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) or State Regulator Agency. Real Time Ag, LLC accomplishes this with three software programs.  

Manure Trax

Recording the information required to meet state and federal manure application reporting rules.

Ag Farm Trax

Nutrient management tool consultants use to manage producers’ nutrient management plans and application records.

Ag Biz Trax

The agronomist’s solution for managing agronomic inputs while reducing the environmental impact and maximizing the producers return on investment. 

The Real Time Ag, LLC programs were developed to be a user friendly system that would allow consultants and producers to quickly and accurately record all of their nutrient application data and events. Keeping all of your data on the Real Time Ag, LLC sever, where the data will be secure and backed up when you are ready to create reports.

There is no software to load on your computer and all updates will be performed by Real Time Ag, LLC so the user will never need to worry about keeping up with updates. 

Intelligent Network Design & Maintenance

The data center Real Time Ag utilizes is protected and monitored by automated support systems that permit real-time analysis, review, and maintenance of the Real Time Ag, LLC servers, keeping your data safer than if it was on your own computer.

All technology used has been engineered to avoid any single point of failure in connectivity, redundancy or power and is monitored around the clock by network technicians

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